"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." (Leonardo da Vinci)
"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Birdman Wingsuits

Nach dreijähriger Pause kommt BIRDMAN im Sommer 2013 zurück in den Markt.

Die Blade wurde überarbeitet und ist jetzt als Blade 3 auf der Höhe der Zeit - die perfekte Allround-Suit für fortgeschrittene Wingsuiter.

Die Ninja folgt einem neuen Konzept und bietet Euch ebenfalls neueste Technik, optimal für Einsteiger mit einigen WS-Sprüngen, Intermediates und Wingsuiter die Spaß an Aerobatics haben.

Die Katana ist die Rennmaschine unter den Wingsuits und überzeugt durch top speed bei gleichzeitig hervorragendem handling.


Lasst Euch von überragender Qualität und exzellentem Flugverhalten überzeugen!


Im deutschsprachigen Raum werden BIRDMAN Wingsuits ausschließlich über Westerwings vertrieben.

KATANA is the third wingsuit in the new 2013 lineup. Following the NINJA, all-around acrobatic wingsuit and the BLADE III, all-around flocking wing suit, the KATANA is designed to fly the maximum distance at the maximum speeds without loosing any agility and responsiveness.The KATANA wingsuit has large wings and special a quatro-wing design with new DRS (Drag Reduction System) system that channels the air on the top wing reducing drag and consequently allowing longer (distance) and faster (speed) flights, quicker and flatter turns without a need to maximize the surface area of the wingsuit. The KATANA layout and profile, although large, have been specially designed for high-speed flight characteristics without compromising pilot input and access to the pilot chute.  Technical Specifications:

  • Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material with BIRDMAN DRS.
  • Emergency cut-away for arms.
  • 10 mm YKK zippers.
  • Reinforced 3D air-intakes with air-locks.
  • Hook knife pocket outside.
  • Two inner pockets.
  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie.
  • High collar.
  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon.
  • Semi- rigid long- and short ribs made from BoPET material.
  • Fully breathable inner lining for comfort.
  • Thick protective knee & bootie area.
  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material.
  • Thick, moisture absorbing back pad made from Spandex.
  • Large size erected air-inlets with airlocks.
  • Back deflector and leg wing DRS.
  • Semi-rigid and shaped leading edge.
  • 10 mm wide YKK zipper.



Comes with BIRDMAN Hi-Tech T-shirt,Wingsuit bag and BM 5 Stickers set.



Preis: € 1600,-

BLADE III is very powerful all-around wingsuit made for experienced wingsuit pilots who want to enjoy their flight from exit to landing. It is balanced perfectly giving pilot 100% control of pitch and speed. It’s drag-reducing quattro–wing platform has large, carved and specially shaped wings for best lift, agility and speed. This gentleman’s race craft comes all included; four wings, semi-rigid ribs & mini-ribs, pockets, inner lining, extra sturdy booties & 10 mm YKK zipper and over the shoulder zip for easy dossing. It will be offered in 5 color scenes.




  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material
  • Emergency cut-away arms
  • 10 mm YKK zippers
  • Five (5) reinforced air-intakes with air-locks
  • Hook knife pocket outside
  • Two inner pockets
  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie
  • High collar
  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon
  • Semi-rigid long ribs made from BoPET
  • Semi-rigid short ribs made from BoPET
  • Full, fully breathable inner lining inside
  • Thick protective & reinforced knee & bootie area
  • Mini-ribs


  • Thick moisture absorbing spandex backpad
  • Large air-inlets with airlocks
  • Back deflector with air-pass
  • Reinforced and soft shoulder blade
  • Semi-rigid shaped leading edge
  • Extra long 10 mm YKK zipper
  • Snaps for booties and leg wing


Preis: € 1500,-

NINJA is a brand new wingsuit concept from BIRDMAN®. It’s been designed to be the master of aerobatics, which means it has sharp and accurate turns, agility, easy recovery from all flying positions and ability to accelerate faster than any other suit in it’s class. Just like a true NINJA. This power is created from it’s drag decreasing quatro-wing design while the agility comes from it's aggressive profile and superior air-inlet / air lock design.. All this sums up to the best performing & fun aerobatics wingsuit you have ever flown.. and, it’s BIRDMAN®

NOTE: Probably not for the beginners.

The NINJA comes all included; Quattro-wing drag reduction, 9 large air-inlets with air-locks, semi-rigid ribs, mini-ribs, two large pockets, inner lining, high collar, easy access leg zippers, extra soft kneepads, extra sturdy booties & 10 mm YKK zipper and over the shoulder zip for easy dressing. It will be offered in 2 color scenes.


Preis: € 1400,-

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